P r a y e r



If you get involved with RCI you will find that prayer is our top priority. You will find us praying in the church building by 7 on a Sunday morning. Sometimes we have all night prayer meetings on a Friday night. We use other times for special prayer. Our people know that prayer is the way to go. Prayer is the basis of our ministry.


These are your priorities for prayer.

  1. Pray for yourself first. Being filled with the Spirit and with the Word and praying makes you ‘palatable’ for other people. Ask the Father to bring forth the image of Christ in you.
  2. If you are married, pray for your spouse next. Why pray for the world and neglect the one closest to you?
  3. Your children come next. There is so much there to pray for. Their salvation is tops because they must go to heaven with you. There’s their health, studies, future, etc. Pray for them.
  4. After that pray for your extended family. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Make sure that you pray for them and that you do everything that you have to do to get them saved. You also want them to make a success of their lives so pray for them.
  5. Then pray for the pastor of the church and his or her family and the other members of the church. This is the central part of your life, so you want them to be used of God. Like Aaron and Hur keep their hands lifted up.
  6. Then pray for the lost. Write down names of people that you will be praying for to receive their salvation. Ask the Father to open up their eyes to see that Christ is the saviour and no one else.
  7. Then pray for your nation. Pray for the President, his cabinet and all those who are in government. All that are in authority includes all the law enforcement agencies of the country.
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